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Additional Services

At Max Bolton Well and Pump Co., we have made it our priority to be experts in all areas of well drilling and pump systems. By specializing in a wide range of services, we hope to keep production moving and on time, as well as keep control over quality. Each technician is trained, tested, and ready to provide the best in customer satisfaction and care. For more information about our additional services, please call us at 770-893-2878.

Additional Services
(not included in the cost of drilling and pump installation):
    • Hydrofracking (to improve a low-producing well)
    • Installation of cistern tanks to store water to supply an irrigation system
    • Connections to irrigation system
    • Electrical connections to power sources
    • Trenching waterlines to building, house and/or irrigation system
    • Optional clean-up of drill site
    • Optional driveway protection for delicate surfaces
    • Filtration systems

For the most efficient and affordable irrigation services, contact us today!


When a well is drilled and the gpm is too low to meet the demand, one option is hydrofracking. In this application, a fracking rig sets up over a finished well and blows 3000 pounds of water pressure down in the well at 50’ intervals. This opens up any veins of water that were hit when the well was drilled and increases the opening that the water is coming though, therefore increasing the gpm.
The driller of the original well will communicate with the fracking operator to let him know where he noticed the breaks and cracks in the rock so they can concentrate on fracking in that area of the well. Hydrofracking isn’t a guaranteed increase, but it does have a 99% success rate. It may double the gpm, as in one gpm becomes two gpm, or increase from 4 gpm to 19 or more. Sometimes when a well has a low production, hydrofracking improves the quantity of water but not enough to irrigate. If this happens, cistern tanks are also recommended.

Installation of Cistern Tanks

Cistern tanks allow for storage of water to supply an irrigation system. Usually one or two 1500-2000 gallon tank(s) are installed underground close to the well location. The well company installs a conventional pump in the well, and the installer of the tank(s) installs a large horse-power pump in the tank to go straight to the irrigation system. The two pumps are connected together. This dual pump system works great when a large amount of irrigating needs to be done, but the well doesn’t produce enough to sustain the irrigation system. This is a technique that has been tested and proven effective in preventing a well from being drilled and then not being able to have it perform adequately.

Connections to Irrigation System
We have contractors that are available to connect your well to your irrigation system and also to connect the electrical to the power source. If you use our contractors for this option, it will be priced upon a site inspection to get the measurements of the lines that need to be trenched.

Electrical Connections to Power Source
We have contractors that are available to connect the electrical from the well pump to your power source. They can trench with equipment, or in more delicate landscaped areas they lift the sod and dig it with a shovel and replace the sod. The size of wire depends on the depth of the well and the size of the pump installed. This cost is estimated upon a site inspection for measurements of electrical lines.

Optional Clean-Up of Drill Site

Clean-up of the drill site area is not included in the cost of drilling. If there isn’t anywhere for the drillings to go or if they may drain onto someone else’s property, Max requires that our contractor dig a hole next to the drill site for the drillings to drain into. After the drilling is complete, our contractor will come back and drain the hole and fill it back in with the dirt that came out. If the area is covered with sod, he will remove the sod and replace when finished. If it is a grassy area, he will cover it with straw. He is available to restore or improve your landscaping. This option is priced upon a site inspection.

Optional Driveway and Landscape Protection

The drilling equipment is extremely heavy. While there isn’t any guarantee that your driveway won’t be cracked or broken, we try to be extremely careful. If you are uncertain, or Max is uncertain, we can hire a contractor to lay plywood under the wheels of the trucks as we are pulling in and leaving your property.

The plywood distributes the weight of the trucks evenly. We have used this technique with success on new driveways. If a driveway is older, it has less chance of cracking. Sometimes the only place to put the well interferes with fully landscaped and sod areas. Since the trucks are so heavy, they can leave ruts in the yard. We can also use plywood to prevent the ruts. The sod will be flattened, but not damaged in the same way without protection. This option is priced upon a site inspection.

Whether it is for household use or irrigation, we install a filter to prevent grit from coming through the water lines. There are different types of filters for different applications, depending on the use of the well. If it is a residential well, usually a simple in-line cartridge with a yarn filter is installed and you change the cartridges manually. If it is an irrigation well, an automatic flush filter is installed and connects via a 110V outlet.

The filters for the irrigation wells are made for higher volumes of water to pass through and flush out the grit automatically at pre-set intervals. These filters are not designed to filter out minerals or chemicals in the water such as iron or magnesium. They are for the purpose of eliminating grit before the water is consumed or before it gets to the sprinkler heads. If you prefer, you can have your water tested and we can recommend a filtration specialist to install a filter that purifies your water of minerals that aren’t desirable.

Recommended Contractors:

Hydrofracking - Southeast Water Productions/ Kathy Hampton Owner (706-781-5604)
Irrigation and Electrical Connections - Justin Englert of Keeping It Green, Inc. (678-618-0455)
Mountain Hydrofracture
Cistern Tanks/Driveway, Landscape Protection/Site Prep and Clean-Up - Justin Englert of Keeping It Green, Inc.
Filtration - Rick Green of Clear Choice Air and Water Technologies (706-864-4070)
Geologist - Ground Water Services/ Dan Harman Owner (770-924-3251)

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